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Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

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It would nice to have a small EQ in the app that allows adjustment to the music, so one can pump up the bass or other frequency, compensate for older music that has not been remastered.

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Bring on the EQ!! What's the holdup?  If you want to remain true to the music allow your paid users to set their own EQ to compensate for their equipment to TRUELY be TRUE to the FULL DYNAMIC FIDELITY!!!  

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I would also love to have an equalizer built into the desktop as well as the mobile app please. These 3rd party apps are garbage and wonky, unreliable at best. And include a monthly payment?? 

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Yes need an equalizer that will also work when Pandora plays via Siri on on Home Pods

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Really wish we had an Equalizer for Pandora on my iPhone. I upgraded my iPhone and new speakers sound significantly brighter than my old phone (which I preferred). I have no way to adjust that sound with Pandora. I'll be using Spotify more often now (due to in-app EQ). 

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Great idea - would love this feature!

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The problem with the argument of being true to the "original release" is that we usually can't change the bass and treble on a cellular phone as we would on a stereo system the way we did when we first listened to the music.  

Actually, my guess is that you can on an Android.  But that is likely to be a third party app. 

Most Bluetooth speakers don't have EQ's, unless it's 3rd party within their app, and their apps are usually horrible.

I don't think you are fully considering the most common playback devices being and headphones.

You think you're making things better or keeping them pure or something, but really you're doing the musicians and our ears a serious disservice by not including an EQ.

I think using the true to original recording line is just an excuse.

Pandora is a 3rd party app, is Apple blocking you from doing it?

TLDR: Plain and simple it sounds like garbage without a way to adjust frequencies.

Please add EQ parameters of some kind. 

I'll never spend a cent on Pandora until there's EQ, that's guaranteed.

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Pandora could pleasantly stun the world with a multiple banded equalizer feature. The planet could use some happy magic and this could contribute to a better existence for all!

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YEP, as well as visualizing the music highs and lows


Please please PLEASE.  This idea has been requested by many paid subscribers for years now.  Even it started with just bass and treble.  Even if it were only for beta users for a while. Anything at all would be a huge improvement and enhancement.  Please!  😁  Thanks  🙏🏼 

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I agree, baby steps if necessary, 
But it seems to me that a full graphic equalizer will be just as easy to implement...
Claytonian Reid