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Ideas: Audiobooks (not just Podcasts) on Pandora

Ideas: Audiobooks (not just Podcasts) on Pandora

Status: Open Ideas

Most Music Services are now really pushing Podcasts . . . what if Pandora took the reins and took that idea a step further. What if Pandora began to integrate audiobooks (like Scribd) as part of the Premium subscription?

That'll add much more value to Pandora than Spotify or its other competitors. Pandora would be the pit stop for all listeners . . . Literally.

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I would love to see audible pair up here. I use both pandora and audible so much and would love to link accounts at least.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hey @DannyK thanks for posting this great idea. I really love this. Audiobook are a favorite of mine. You've got my vote!

Thanks for being part of community! 🎧


Thank you!  @TannerPandora @J3sk4D4wn I really want Pandora to continue to succeed. Pandora was the first place I truly discovered music as a kid. 

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I would like to get my music going in Pandora please

Local Performer

How do I add my own podcast to Pandora?

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I was just thinking about this.


It would help so many like myself that have severe insomnia to have access to BOOKS ON TAPE (like Libravox which are public domain and do not cost anything for Pandora to put together), not to mention in the car driving or any other time when we need BOOKS.    I really would suggest that this option be made available on Pandora.  There is nothing to lose here, since public domain books are free.  Just asking!

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this is an audio book i've listened to for academic decathlon 

its a good book and it can help you

but yeah this is a great  idea bbut would you need permission with all these books (im just wondering)

we have podcasts and i listen to them but books would be interesting

@ceresmary206  I love your idea, I also think it could create a whole new discussion post for favorite books, authors, topics, etc...etc.. , you know exactly what I'm saying. Make it happen Pandora. This would be great. This would could be one of those places where people could come and get their minds off this Covid-19 pandemic. Take care and stay safe.  


You got it, this is what I think as well.  It could also grow Pandora users as well, since not everyone just 'wants music' and while I appreciate the comedy, why not free books  that are available nationally anyway through Librivox? Their stories are copyright free, so there are no fees for using them.

 It's a win-win situation for drivers listening to Pandora when driving, for those at home stuck in quarantineland, as well as parents trying to find relevant schooling material (age based channels, huh?) that can increase their kids reading skills, as well as adults just being endlessly board of watching endless TV.  For those of us that are intolerable insomniacs, this gives a channel that can give us "bedtime" stories to listen to, that we can fall asleep listening.  And one of the most important, are the elderly and disabled population that can't get access now or even when prior to COVID (as well as after) access to their public libraries as a good will gesture to give them classic books, etc.  BARD is available, the  range of books is extremely limited and AUDIBLE for now, changes more then many folks can afford without income coming in.

Just an idea.