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Ideas: Create a Station from a playlist

Ideas: Create a Station from a playlist

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Is there a way to turn a playlist into a station so that it will play on a streaming device?

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@johnmb0854  GSOTD (Genre Songs Of The Day) would make a great station. Not because it is I that post it daily. Just due to the fact the playlist grows everyday. Right now the GSOTD playlist is nearly 700 songs. I honestly do not know any station that has that many songs within it. Just me adding my two cents worth. Take care and stay safe.  

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This seems like from a technical standpoint it should be easy.  Take the playlist, make a station in the system, move all the songs in the playlist to the “station seeds” list. I like that with pandora stations I can start to see variety that doesn’t come with a playlist.

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Agree ... there are some great Playlists that would make great Stations and then could set to shuffle for even more variety.

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I would love the ability to create a new Station from an existing Playlist that I have created.

The idea would be that when someone activates this feature, the system would scan through the songs on the playlist and create a station that uses the most common musical themes/traits as well as the most common Artists that are represented on the playlist as its Seeds for the newly created Station.

The effect would be to create a Station in a similar manner to the way that Spotify allows a user to view, listen to, and "like"/"collect" a "Radio Station" based directly off of a playlist.  (I prefer Pandora over Spotify, but I would love to see this particular feature implemented in some way here).

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I desire (scratch that - pray for -) the option to create stations from my playlists as well.  With nearly 12 years of fine tuning my favorites and almost $1k paid on my Pandora subscription, don't let me down.  I'm sure there are many others that wish this as well.

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Please let me create a station from a Playlist. It is the exact feature I hoped and expected to have with Pandora Premium!


It's not an exact solution, but I believe if you have repeat turned off, and auto play turned on.. when you play through a playlist and it gets to the end, what is played from auto-play is essentially what you are looking for. a station which uses the songs of your playlists as seeds

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This is the exact feature that has me hooked on Google Play Music (now Youtube music -_-) and makes it difficult to move to anything else. How I use it ends up being cyclical and quite magical, really. But the radio station should not be made from a snapshot of the playlist if done right. It should be dynamic as the playlist itself evolves. For example, I maintain a playlist for "working out" and it constantly changes. When I want to discover new songs that might belong in my work out playlist I right-click the playlist and click "play radio". As I disover new songs I like I add them to the playlist, next time I start the radio those songs are automatically added as "seeds" and the cycle continues. 

To claify, I like the above feature where you can create a station from a playlist, but it's generated every time you click the "play radio" option of the playlist, I'd hate this feature if it just created a radio station from a snapshot of the playlist at that specific point in time and tthen I had to delete the station and re-create it. I feel like there should be two types of stations, stations that persist and we can add/remove/edit seed songs and artists, and stations that are "linked" or can be generated at will from a playlist (and overwrite old ones without hassle). When I really think about it, this is essentially just setting a playlist as the seed for a station (that updates automatically as the playlist updates)

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It would be awesome if there was a “start station” button for user created playlists. Spotify recently removed their “go to radio” feature for playlists and there are literally thousands of disgruntled users looking for answers and being blatantly ignored on the Spotify Community (

I believe if this idea was quickly implemented and advertised Pandora could pull over hundreds if not thousands of users from Spotify, myself included. There is already an empty space just waiting to be utilized for this feature. Please make it happen! 



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this would be awesome... when you look up a song, it's easier to add to a playlist than a station - so I have a curated playlist from holiday songs I've heard on the radio, but I can't turn that 100+ list of songs into a curated station. 😞