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Ideas: Dark mode on desktop

Ideas: Dark mode on desktop

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to be able to enable a dark mode on the Windows APP version. I have a monitor tree setup with 4 monitors I use pandora on my top screen when I just need 3 screens for work.

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@Wesuhley Well put/stated .... As I commented above feel the same way & have already cancelled my subscription. If and when Pandora decides to do something to address this & listen to the customers I'll consider coming back but Not until that is the case.

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please add dark mode for pc

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+1 for a dark mode setting for pandora in a browser on PC.


+1 for must-have feature

I created a separate request for mac desktop app

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Justice for dark mode.
Dont kill it.
Justice for my eyes.
Dont destroy it


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I never had a problem with the page because I usually have it in the back ground. I pick Pandora because their recommendations slap way harder than any other system similar to it. But (1st world problem obviously) now that edge has a dark mode on the entire browser which is heavenly on my eye balls, it makes going through my playlist a sick and dirty game of "where did I put that one thing at?". 




most of the time I look for the playlist button and I cant see it, so just a heads up. It would be nice to be in control of that as a paying user.


Seriously, Pandora, how long does it take to implement dark mode? This isn't new, you knew it was coming... Pretty please, can we have it? I su@# yo d!@#...?

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+1 for dark mode on PC and android.

As someone who has vision issues with anything really bright (such as the desktop app), a dark mode feature is a must for me. - It makes it so I can easily read and see what's happening. - I'd rather not have to turn on High Contrast mode on my PC or invert colors with a full screen magnifier as it just throws everything off and looks funky.


I've found how to force a dark mode on my android phone, so that is no longer an issue, but I still wish there was an official dark mode for the mobile app as well.


This would be heaven on my eyeballs as well

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Plz add dark mode.   Also, I miss the old AIR mini player.

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Dark Mode Please!