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Ideas: Deleting songs from playlists

Ideas: Deleting songs from playlists

Status: Open Ideas

Can we add a "delete from playlist" button or option from the view song screen on all formats (mostly interested in Android). The only way I have been able to do it is really inconvenient. I end up having to view all songs in my playlist and scroll up or down to the song I want to delete, so I can scroll left on the song and click the delete button. Very time consuming when a playlist contains over 100 or 200 songs. When viewing a song and clicking the "options" three little dots, all I can choose is Collect, download, share, add to playlist,start station, add to queue... Plus go to playlist and go to artist. 

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I still have not learned the trick how to delete a song from the playlist

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We absolutely need this feature. Please add it asap. Thanks!

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Local Performer

Who is the idiot who designed the "new and improved" website?  Please have him shot immediately!  How is it possible that a simple thing like delete a song so hard for Pandora to figure out???  Do you want me to show you how? 

Unfortunately designing a feature takes a lot of doing, a lot of planning, and a lot of coding for the compatibility of Web Server engines, browsers, etc. That said, though a bit harsh, I semi agree.

I will say the individual (most likely new to the team) needs to really think in a larger scope. This is often common with new software programmers who think they are geniuses that see only within a narrow field of perception. They think it is cool, but they do not know how to make the feature more robust, hence the removal of delete, or even the thumbs down feature. 

There too, too much Political Correctness in the world is causing more harm than good. In this case, the idea of having a thumbs down would give a negative connotation and therefore should be removed. 

This is the wrong way of thinking. If we were to only give positive feedback to the "bad" leaders then they would still be in office and screw up the world (worse than it is already). 

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aptbroker1's comment was funny, not hostile. Don't take things so seriously. 

It's frustrating when something that seems very simple and logical doesn't exist, and the only way to *maybe* get it changed *someday* is to get a bunch of people who *might* see this to "love" your comment. 

Oh, goodie, maybe 5 years from now, Pandora might make that change. That's efficient and helpful. (It's sarcasm ... lighten up and allow people to express their frustration.)


How easy do you want it to be?! Good Lord, for it to be any easier Pandora would have to be able to read your mind and automatically delete it for you! Stop complaining about the simple stuff!

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Try deleting a song from a playlist that has hundreds of songs and tell me it's simple...I'll wait here while it takes you forever lol as it is in fact ridiculously hard since there is no way to search a playlist for a specific song so you have to manually scroll through the entire playlist to find the song you want to delete. I have one playlist with over 1,700 songs...there is nothing easy or simple about this, unfortunately.

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Well no hostility here but yeah, songs are repeated all the time, there is no delete functionality I have stuff added by my family members and can't get rid of it. Why is that and how come the developers are not doing anything about it? I will cancel for now hopefully if everyone starts doing that they will do something! I only been with Pandora for over 10 years and have not seen much done to improve it, later for now!


When I "delete" a song from the playlist, it doesn't actually delete. The next time I open the app, the song is still there. I've tried to delete a few songs off a playlist 50 times by now and it won't go away. Please fix. Thanks

Opening Act

I agree this is a BIG pain. In iOS Now Playing when you click on "..." there is no remove from playlist option.

The workaround is horrendous.

Thanks... Ken