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Ideas: Disable auto-generated playlists and stations

Ideas: Disable auto-generated playlists and stations

Status: Open Ideas

I would like the option of choosing whether or not Pandora generates thumbs up playlists. Can this please be a feature a user has the option of turning on or off? While I can see that other uses like it, I personally don't want to generate tens or hundreds of other playlists. Then it just makes my playlist list long and crowded and I have trouble finding what I'm looking for. This is also when I start to think Spotify has a much better user interface. 

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Turn off the auto generated playlist. It crouds my playlist. I listen when i drive and it keeps playing music i dont want to hear. Or create then under a their own category. 

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Create an account setting to disable the automatic thumbs up playlist.  Feature will prevent any station from auto generating a playlist from the songs you have Thumbs Up. 

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Also chiming in for this feature. It's the only annoying thing in the app, and it's annoying enough that I'm considering changing platforms again. I came to Pandora after Google Play Music shut down, but spamming my playlists with stuff I don't want is a great way to incentivize customers to go elsewhere. I'm feeling the urge myself.

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I've been a premium member for years. If Pandora doesn't quit adding to my stations and playlists in the next few months, I'm done. There are a lot of choices, I'll make one. This is a ridiculous thing to have to even mention. Pandora could make this an opt-in/opt-out feature in about three minutes. Basing the decision on the number of people who find this thread and 'heart' it is just inexplicable.

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I would also like the ability to toggle this.

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I don't like Spotify (frankly I don't understand it) and have been a Pandora listener for years because of the simplicity of the 'stations'.  I absolutely want to hear new music intermingled with the 'thumbs-up' stuff that I have liked, and overall I think Pandora does a good job of algorithmically determining the stuff to add.

But the "thumbs up" playlists don't do me any good and I have to constantly go in and delete them to keep my interface clean.

Pandora please add this feature!

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The auto generated lists are **ahem** and I can't find what I want. How is there NO place to find only the play lists that I've created???? Isn't this the entire point of this app!?!?! Seriously. It's all Pandora pushing music on me that I don't like. This interface has gone downhill so badly. I don't want to switch to Spotify, but I will if this isn't changed asap. 

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I agree with this request and premise. I’ll choose my own stations, thank you. Don’t clutter my collection with other stuff I didn’t ask to save. 

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I use a google speaker primarily to listen to my Pandora premium. I really don't like that every time I try and say "play X radio" it comes up with the "x radio thumbs-upp laylists" I would really like to stop getting them or at least find a way to turn them off so they quit downloading to my Google speaker if its on some sort of offline thing going on where they're just downloading to my speaker or something.

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Auto-generated playlists are a design error that I'd love to see removed from the app entirely. A feature toggle isn't good enough in my book, because it's not useful enough to be a feature. When I thumbs-up a song, it's so Pandora keeps learning what I like... not so Pandora can tell me what and how I consume. Pandora is still the service I pay for, and the one I like best. Please correct the auto-generated playlist wrong turn asap.