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Ideas: Download/Export account data: songs, playlists, stations, thumbs, ETC

Ideas: Download/Export account data: songs, playlists, stations, thumbs, ETC

Status: Open Ideas

As of now, I have 14 emails between support trying to get a complete list of thumbed tracks.  It appears and unpaid account like mine can only view the thumbed up list and Pandora does not have a good way to produce a list.  I have manually copied my thumbed tracks to generate a list in excel and it appears that pandora is limited to display 1000 thumbed tracks.  I have copied these tracks manually twice per recommendations from support, once from the windows app and once from chrome.  Any recommendations on getting the full list would be much appreciated!  

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Here is a difficult way. Use Chrome and login to pandora, go to profile and then navigate to thumbs up. Scroll all the way down so that all songs are loaded in the browser. Open notepad. Here comes to hard part. Configure chrome Zoom to 33%. Click just a mm above the first song, hold the button down and highlight/drag to the last visible song in this browser page, do not go beyond what is visable and make sure you get the all 3 lines including 'Thumbed...' do a control C and the paste to notepad. click away in the web browser and scroll down until the last song you  highlighted is at the top. Do as above and repeat all the way to the bottom of hte web page - put on some music if you list is long.  Save this file and email it to someone with a linux box. Tell this person to save that file to a file on the linux box and remember the name. Then paste and run this below, then they email you the file created which will be 2 columns artist, song on each line.

 clear; echo "enter pull path location of thumbs file"; read fil ; S=0; rm -f /tmp/yourthumbs.csv ; for i in `cat $fil |grep -v Thumbed |grep -v "^\\." |uniq |sed -e "s/ /bB/g" -e "s/:/-/g" -e "s/,/bB/g"|grep -n .` ; do n=`echo $i |awk -F: '{print $1}'`; B=`echo $i |awk -F: '{print $2}'|tr -d '\n'`; if ! [ `expr $n % 2` == 0 ] ; then S="$B"; else S="$B,$S"; echo $S |sed "s/bB/ /g">>/tmp/$$; S=""; fi; done ; cat /tmp/$$ |sort |uniq |tr -s " "> /tmp/yourthumbs.csv ; rm -f /tmp/$$ ; clear ; echo done see /tmp/yourthumbs.csv


PS You can't save the webpage as it only PRESENTS thumbs that are visible. This is on purpose. Just like it is on purpose NOT to allow this export.....makes it 'easier' to move to another service. I would create a webpage for it, but I don't want to pay for the extra traffic. If you are nice, email the file to me and I will do it for you: iwishiwasin at europe d0t com.  Here is a snippet of what the file you create looks like, then a snippet of the finished file

Goodbye (2019 remaster)
Goodbye (2019 remaster)
Ulrich Schnauss
Thumbed on Kishi Bashi Radio
Between Something and Nothing
Between Something and Nothing
The Ocean Blue
Thumbed on Peter Godwin Radio
Can You Forgive Her? (2018 Remaster)
Can You Forgive Her? (2018 Remaster)
Pet Shop Boys
Thumbed on Erasure Radio
Your Silent Face (2015 Remaster)
Your Silent Face (2015 Remaster)
New Order
Thumbed on This Is Not America (2002 Remaster) Radio


Depeche Mode,Strangelove
Django Django,Life's A Beach
Earth Wind & Fire,Fantasy
Earth Wind & Fire,Get Away


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Is there anyway to print a playlist....TIA Jeff


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I may have found a similar idea that had been archived with no follow on comment on its status.  I would like to be able to download a csv or txt file of the songs in a playlist or station.  This would make it much easier to figure out what is there than having to scroll through over 1300 items while on your website.  Given that you probably use some sort of advanced database structure to manage you vast collection, this should be a relatively easy SQL request to set up for automation.

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I created a playlist of about 500 songs and I don't remember everything that I've added.  I wanted to download a list/spreadsheet/.csv of the songs, artists, etc. so that I could double check that I had added everything I wanted added and also double check that I hadn't duplicated any songs.

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I have had a Pandora account since 2007 and the absolute amount of neglect on these community threads just continually kills my enthusiasm for this service, and makes me feel better about looking for other options. 

It doesn't have to be all bad for Pandora. sure an export function makes it easier to switch away, but an Import function would probably be even more welcome.

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I hear ya. I finally dropped my subscription this year and went with
Spotify. I am not a fan of it as I feel the GUI is cluttered and not
intuitive. But what do I know?