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Ideas: Download/Export account data: songs, playlists, stations, thumbs, ETC

Ideas: Download/Export account data: songs, playlists, stations, thumbs, ETC

Status: Open Ideas

As of now, I have 14 emails between support trying to get a complete list of thumbed tracks.  It appears and unpaid account like mine can only view the thumbed up list and Pandora does not have a good way to produce a list.  I have manually copied my thumbed tracks to generate a list in excel and it appears that pandora is limited to display 1000 thumbed tracks.  I have copied these tracks manually twice per recommendations from support, once from the windows app and once from chrome.  Any recommendations on getting the full list would be much appreciated!  

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Hi, could I get a txt file of the 2383 tracks I've thumbed up over the years?  If I could get a txt file of the 106 bookmarks as well that would awesome!  

I love what you guys are doing all the way back to the Genome project!  keep up the good work.



Diamond in the Rough

nice i love the comments 

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You are quick to thank people for their ideas and to state that they are going to be put in a "list" to possibly be implemented in the next millenium. Why don't you actually tell people how to do what they want and need to do rather than shining them on and doing nothing?

My problem is that I in all good faith, started a pandora subcription in 2016 through the Google Play store. Now that I want to upgrade my account and preserve my playlist built over 6 years but you tell me the only option I have is to cancel my account and start over. Unless there is some other option the only thing I will do is cancel my account and realize how painful staying loyal to a bad company is. What a waste of 6 years of loyalty to Pandora. I really hope there is an option to transfer my playlist from one Pandora account to another.


Local Performer

I've been a subscriber forever too, and for this company to claim that they just haven't gotten around to implementing simple text dumps of lists is absurd and insulting. At this point there can be no valid explanation for this constraint other than it is intentional. It's bad.

Local Performer

I would like to export all of the thumbs up / thumbs down data from all of my stations, to make a local copy.

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Hello Friends. I've been a Pandora Plus subscriber for over a decade. I've tried many internet radios, including Pandora Premium, and still love the easy maintenance of Pandora Plus and the ability to just listen to music and become exposed to new artists by gently curating stations.

I've been collecting music since just after 8 tracks went extinct. While my music libraries used to be visually available with the stacks of physical media, using internet radio leaves me with a feeling of not really knowing my artists like I used to.

I second the idea of having an exportable text database of all your thumbs up, thumbs down and bookmark data for studying later and getting to know my artists a bit better, possibly also integrating with Songkick so I can buy tickets to shows coming close to town.

Pandora you are AWESOME and I could not live without you! Please help further support the relationship between artists and their fans. 

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Been using pandora since 2006, so my liked/favored list is over a thousand records long and the page appears to stop loading before I can load the entire list. This would be amazing if you guys could implement this. Hoping this comes someday!

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Hi- In regards to a data privacy question: How can, we, as customers get access to our specific data daily usage which could include music we listened to a given day?

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i need this. i need this baaaaaad


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Also want this. I really just want to be able to view everything I've liked here.