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Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Status: Open Ideas

Am I the only one who thinks we should have a way to exclude live performances from our listening experience? Make this happen.


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I agree on the filter for things. 

I request a song, and a lot of times it plays a live version. Thumbs down. Request again, different live version. I've even tried specifically saying studio version and no luck. 

We really need this in 2023.

Local Performer

It’s pretty ridiculous that this thread is 4 years old and nothing has been added.


Like the title says, I would like to remove Live verisons of songs that I like on pandora. The Live versions are sonething that I do not care for and dont want to thumb down and affect what plays. These tracks often sound really bad (in my opinion) and do not want them to interupt my playing of music.

Local Performer

I like the "I'm tired of this song" button. 

I'd like a button for "I like this song, but not this version".  That way, if a Live version plays that I don't ever want to hear again, I can still hear the studio version of that song in future plays.

Local Performer

My problem is that I want to hear a particular song, so I ask for it by name.  Pandora starts playing the live or remix version, but because I searched for it by name I don't have the option to thumb it down.

At least let me thumb it down, please.

Local Performer

I use pandora everyday in my life and use it through my Google home speakers. It's so annoying hearing the live, or altered, versions and I can't get it to go to the original songs. Journey - don't stop believing is one of my faves and there is a remake version and a live version and I can't ever hear my beloved original version and it's extremely frustrating. If this doesn't get changed to filter our live and altered recordings, I will nerd to change to another service. I've been paying for pandora for over 10 years now, but this is a horrible experience now. 

Local Performer

4 years after request and no update, no recognition.  Pandora, are you tone deaf?


Please resurrect this request!

Local Performer

I hear you on this, I have the same complaints and actually same band that I like. Pandora doesn't care enough to even reply to comments or questions when put to them. It's only about the revenue to them.

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I've wanted to be able to block live performance recordings since the earliest days of Pandora, when we still could create a station using sound descriptor rules, like "syncopation" and "female lead singer", etc.  We can't even do that anymore, but we *still* don't have the ability to block live recordings or specific artists?

Pandora seriously needs to add this.  It's honestly appalling that it's never been an option.  Some of us *hate* live performance recordings, and we should be able to block them outright.

Local Performer

I'm glad to know I'm not alone.  Some random person screaming in the background can really ruin a performance for me.

Would love to see this implemented.  

This is literally the one thing pushing me to move to Spotify.