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Ideas: Explicit Filter For Album Art

Ideas: Explicit Filter For Album Art

Status: Open Ideas

I seem to have the knack of having a co-worker come up behind me when NSFW cover art is displayed and now my office is threatening to block Pandora. Is there a way to turn off cover art or at least hide NSFW cover art?

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I agree. I love listening to Pandora on my Roku device but many of the album covers are not appropriate for my kiddo. Having the option to turn them off would be great!

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Ability to just hide all album art would be awesome!


This feature would be excellent; especially a simple on/off switch for album art so Pandora doesn't have to decide what is and isn't ok(otherwise some of us will always be asking why 'x' got through or 'y' didn't).

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Not currently an option...

OK, but  I find one of the the pictures quite offensive. It was bad before and I wanted to complain, and now it has renewed to something even worse, including violent language and graphics.

Please tell me how to lose the picture - do I have to delete the station and start over?? I have been a listener since you started streaming, and we listeners deserve better.

This is unacceptable, please provide a fix.

Thank you,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@sahadavid I moved your post to this existing feature request since you have similar feedback.

While there isn't currently a way to prevent explicit album art from appearing on your stations, I recommend giving this thread a ❤️to express your interest in getting it added to the service as well.

Hope we continue to see you around the community! :pandora:

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I would like to add my voice- please make it optional to hide explicit album art.  Often the song is okay but not the art.  This is something I do not want my children exposed to.

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I also want the ability to turn off all album art. This could potentially have the added benefit of improving user experience over slow connections.

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Please add option to turn off or at least filter artwork.

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Please filter cover art option and or at least would be great to be able to block all cover art!!

Maybe a cool Pandora screen saver type thing.

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Please add this feature. 
There are some very inappropriate album covers