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Ideas: Filter comedy by unheard content

Ideas: Filter comedy by unheard content

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Hi there, I have been a committed user since Pandora started, even after all my friends went to Spotify, but there’s one issue that’s really a bummer and I am kind of begging you to change. I was chatting with a bunch of friends at our game night recently and everyone agreed. Comedy is unlike songs. It works on the element of surprise, so one doesn’t want to hear the same joke they liked over and over again. We are requesting that there is an option to choose to: Hear only jokes you haven't heard based on your likes! I can’t even use the comedy stations anymore for this reason and it’s a real bummer because I used to use it almost every day! Thank you for considering improving this. :]

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Hi @ClarisCoolidge 

Thanks for your post!

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.

Thanks for being a part of our Community!