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Ideas: Language preference for stations

Ideas: Language preference for stations

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a way to control what languages you hear music in? It's really REALLY frustrating to try listening in any language other than English. 

Here's the crazy part: if you search for a German song and let it autoplay, Pandora will play pretty much only German bands. But if you actually start a station with German bands or songs, it plays almost exclusively in English and in incompatible genres. It is a horrible listening experience. 

Does it make any sense to start a station with German metal songs and then have the station play 2 Irish folk songs in a row? No. I don't like sitting around hitting thumbs down on 50 songs in a row while I wait for something I actually want to hear. 

I've been using Pandora for nearly 12 years but I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription and using something else because of this. 


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YES please I would love this feature to be added, I've had the same frustrating experience as @Krümelmonster except in my case I'm trying to make stations with songs in either French or Japanese language.

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Up until recently haven't had any problems with language on anything to do with Pandora but for some reason in the last week I have been getting about every third advertisement in Spanish.  Now although I took a year of Spanish in high school 40 plus years ago it means absolutely nothing to me now and I cannot understand it. What I usually do when this happens is to disconnect from Pandora and reconnect to get around the advertisement.

If nothing else make it an option to put primary language into your profile and then draw against it for music and advertisements.

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Amazon Music allows you to make such requests as "Play Ukrainian Music" with near perfect results, but with Pandora, even if you try to seed a station the results are all over the place.  The results are related to the seed but on many uncontrolled dimensions.  As a bonus, an extension of a "Choose Language Feature" would allow the results to be constrained in other ways too, such as genre, type of instrumentation, country of origin, date of recording, popularity, etc.

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It's very annoying to make a channel that's in one language and then have new songs put in that's in another language.


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PLEASE add the ability to make stations by language. At the very least I would my UKRAINIAN music station to stop playing russian 


PLEASE there's got to be a way to block songs in other languages. I listen to Italian, and it gets dominated by Spanish songs. I keep down-thumbing them but there's always another one to take it's place. This 

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This is so needed - I’m trying to make a station of Welsh folk music and no matter how many Welsh songs and singers I add for the station to be based on, it will NOT stop playing vaguely similar sounding songs that are in English. Which is not the point.

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Really be nice if this feature would be implemented because this feature does more then just allow for controlled playing but it also helps for those that play music in the classroom to help the kids learn a language which when you have to make a playlist that repeats the same songs can get very old for me.