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Ideas: Lock for creating new stations on Alexa & Google

Ideas: Lock for creating new stations on Alexa & Google

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Hi everyone.  I'm super annoyed with Alexa creating a new station everytime it misunderstands what we requested.  It creates dozens of new stations every week and adds it to My Collection.  We need a way to prevent this behavior.  Maybe a lock mechanism where you need a three digit pin number to create a new station, that way Alexa or the kids won't create stations I don't want.

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I agree. I work in an operating room, and we listen to music (albeit quietly) when appropriate. The problem is when I leave work, I try to be courteous and leave the music playing for others still working. The issue is that often after I've left they change stations and delete stations, often my favorite stations that I've added hundreds of songs to, in order to create room for more. I wish Pandora had a feature that required you to input a password to delete a station, or somehow have a lock feature that locks favorites stations to prevent deletion without a password input.


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When is Pandora going to fix this? With four kids playing music on Alexa, I have a million extra stations on Pandora. I'm about ready to stop using Pandora if this doesn't get fixed soon. We just need an option to lock Pandora, so no new stations can be added without permission....or something like that.

And when deleting those million extra stations, we need the option to delete multiple stations at a time, by selecting all of them first, then deleting. Right now they have to be tediously deleted, one by one.


I have cancelled my Pandora subscription over this issue. I encourage others to do the same. This should be an easy fix. I plan to resubscribe as soon as this problem is fixed.

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I just logged into the Pandora user forum for the first time just to upvote this request!!


This is a pain to deal with. Please fix this.

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YESSSS!! Please for the love of God fix this! 

I have had this issue for the past year or so and had no problem previously to play my 1 and only playlist I love to listen to "gravity radio" on my Alexa devices. I have double and triple checked that my station in my collection is named correctly, and that Alexa is hearing me correctly and am 100% sure it is just the programming behind it that just plain can't find my already established station that I've had in use for 6 years! Then it goes in and creates a new gravity radio station on top of the one I have approx 1400 uplikes on! Then I have to sign into Pandora on my machine (because for whatever reason, I don't know why, Pandora won't allow you to remove stations in the app)! It's really really frustrating! I can only imagine what those people who pay for the darn thing feel like! 

If Alexa can't find your station, make it explicitly ASK to create a station before creating! Alexa asks me if I want to duplicate items on my shopping list so the programming is on the Echo, why can't it be used for this as well!

A side note - because of this extended issue, I just ended up not using Pandora because Alexa Echos are my main devices which I play music on. If Pandora refuses to fix it, then sorry -- I refuse to pay for it or get my computer out and blow out my machine speakers to hear music throughout my house. It's as simple as that! 


It's been over a year. Any update Pandora?

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Does anyone know if Spotify does the same thing?   Considering switching to another music subscription simply because of how annoying this is! 

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Hi Everyone - I too was totally confused as to why stations were being added to my Pandora list when I asked Alexa to play an artist. Now, I guess I know the answer, but I don't like it.

I think that it's great that I can say, "Alexa, play George Shearing on Pandora," and it will play my George Shearing Station. But if I just say "Alexa, play George Shearing," it will play something by him, but also create a "new" station in Pandora. I customize my stations by type of music. J for jazz, C for classical, etc., and sort by A-Z on my phone, iPad and Tivo. Which is very handy, except when these new stations are mixed in because I played a song through Alexa.

Please let me know if you come up with a way to stop this


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FIX THIS.  Totally agree.

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PLEASE stop adding new channels every time one of us asks to play a song.