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Ideas: Lock for creating new stations on Alexa & Google

Ideas: Lock for creating new stations on Alexa & Google

Status: Open Ideas

Hi everyone.  I'm super annoyed with Alexa creating a new station everytime it misunderstands what we requested.  It creates dozens of new stations every week and adds it to My Collection.  We need a way to prevent this behavior.  Maybe a lock mechanism where you need a three digit pin number to create a new station, that way Alexa or the kids won't create stations I don't want.

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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hiiiiiiiiiiiiii this plase is the best

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Please... no more.

Local Performer

This has been going on for over a year and a half, as reported in this thread. There is nothing new to say about this issue...except get it fixed!

In the same last year and a half, I have updated Pandora on my android several times AND noticed a website rebuild.


Please please please, just fix this already. Why continue to ignore this when software production is in full swing?


So a moderator gave a big 'thanks.' Is that as far as this goes? Does pandora give two s**** about customer complaints?


To answer your questions the first is Yes. The second is apparently not. Many subscribers have reached out to Pandora with absolutely 0 responses or actions.

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Just piling on here...this is an awful and completely unhelpful 'feature'.  It effectively renders the collections feature useless because I can no longer rely on it to be able to easily find those collections that I intentionally want and enjoy.


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OMG... the time I waste deleting these one-off auto-generated stations.

Please add the ability to turn this off.


On board! I accidentally deleted a station I have cultivated for almost a decade because of a duplicated station created from Alexa. Please have this feature looked into and prevent stations being created, unless SPECIFICALLY created using your voice, otherwise just play the song that is requested!

Let's make this feature happen!


Listen; I'm not going to read all 11 pages of comments to find it somebody said this.

Creating new stations is something Google and Cortana have been doing for years.

Back in the day, i could say, "Play He's a Pirate radio," and it would. For at least four years, this same request has created a new station instead of playing the current one.

Pandora Team, i say, "Bring that beat back!"

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Agreed! Same goes for Google home devices.