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Ideas: Lock for creating new stations on Alexa & Google

Ideas: Lock for creating new stations on Alexa & Google

Status: Open Ideas

Hi everyone.  I'm super annoyed with Alexa creating a new station everytime it misunderstands what we requested.  It creates dozens of new stations every week and adds it to My Collection.  We need a way to prevent this behavior.  Maybe a lock mechanism where you need a three digit pin number to create a new station, that way Alexa or the kids won't create stations I don't want.

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Is this being fixed or should I just delete pandora from Alexa?


I just checked: the original request was in December of 2019, that is almost 2 years ago.  I can't imaging any development team worth their salt, having a problem adding a simple switch in the user's settings to prevent the creation of new stations.  This leads me to believe that there is "something or someone" out there gaining to benefit from this highly annoying practice.  The puzzling question is Who that is? and more importantly What they could possibly gain?

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Create a setting that will prevent Alexa from creating new pandora stations when Alexa misinterprets a song request.  

At least ask for confirmation before alexa automatically creates a new station when you ask it to play a song.


It's not even just an Alexa thing. Any Smart Device should not be able to create a Station + add it to the Collection UNLESS the User gives permission.

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Yes, this, please!

Alexa keeps creating a new station EVERY morning instead of playing the one that already exists.  It's not a voice command issue because it's text in a routine.

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I have what seems like hundreds of stations I don't want just because of my kids requesting song on Alexa devices. I may as well just delete my account. My own carefully curated stations and playlists, maybe 10 actual real playlists or stations, made over the past 18 years or so, are absolutely useless and buried now. I hate using Pandora now.

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2+ years and nothing from pandora 


way to listen to your customers guys!!

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Clearly this isn't a priority for Pandora.  Disappointing.

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This has been driving me nuts for years.  Please fix it.

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Please fix this pandora! My kids fight over what song will be played and they can easily create 20+ stations in one day. I struggle to find my own music, and if it can't be fixed I will have to start using a different music app.