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Ideas: Lyrics Available on All Devices

Ideas: Lyrics Available on All Devices

Status: Open Ideas

Please add Lyrics to Pandora Plus and Premium  on supported ROKU players. It's on my phone, mobile devices and desktop. Why not ROKU and smart tv's? 


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Local Performer

I agree. Pandora needs to add the lyrics feature to echo show devices. I can get them on my phone but not echo show (like Amazon music)

Local Performer

Please add the lyrics feature to Pandora on Roku! This is an important feature that is missing for many music lovers

Opening Act

Pandora should add the option to put lyrics on the screen that play as the artist sings them. This should not automatically happen, but should be an option in the options menu for each song, however once you click it once it should do it for the all the songs up until you leave the application.

This should be added to:

  • Mobile devices
  • Desktop
  • Roku/Android TV
  • Game Consoles
  • Alexa devices
  • Car Screens

Thank you and I hope this feature gets added.

Local Performer

Please put song lyrics on the Roku Pandora app, like on the Android phone app. I notice that people have been asking for this for a long time.

Local Performer

I'd love to be able to view lyrics on Google TV (Android) App.

Local Performer

4 years later and I see this has gotten ZERO traction. 

Major disappointment.  I really enjoy the scrolling lyrics I get on Apple Music on my Apple TV.  BUT I prefer the mix of music I get on my Pandora channels (using Pandora Plus).   Just wish I had the lyrics sometimes.