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Ideas: Manage Alexa device from mobile Pandora app

Ideas: Manage Alexa device from mobile Pandora app

Status: Open Ideas


While the integration Pandora-Alexa works just fine, there is a feature that I can't find. How do you manage your Echo device from your iPhone. As an example, Spotify has this:

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 13.42.46.png


From here, while you have your playlist or song-by-song selection you can "send" the music to be played out by any Echo or other device. Thank you


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Local Performer

Seriously, this isn’t addressed yet? There’s another post on this exact subject from 2017, and probably others as well.  Aren’t you guys tired of losing market share?  You were one of the first in the music streaming business, and you are simply not keeping up with the competition. Disappointing. 

Local Performer

Sad to say, ...NO.  I brought this up myself awhile back.  I guess Pandora is willing to cede the market to Spotify.  😉

Local Performer

Why has this option not been added to the app? Every other streaming service has it.

Local Performer

How has this not been resolved yet? I need to cancel my pandora account after I’ve been a premium member for 15 years? Cmon yall 

Local Performer's almost 2024 and still nothing on this overdue feature.

Local Performer

Ok  Pandora,  is anyone even reading this?  At least respond and say why it hasn't happened yet.  I just switched back to Pandora Premium from Amazon HD because I like your algorithms better, but we really need this feature. 

Local Performer

Please add this. It's been over 4 years since this suggestion was originally posted, and it's really frustrating that I cannot choose an Amazon echo device (I have like 10 in different rooms) from my list of items to cast to... only Google devices show up (which is just 2 televisions for me)


You build this feature => I get a premium subscription