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Ideas: More sorting options for Premium (playlists, stations, albums, etc)

Ideas: More sorting options for Premium (playlists, stations, albums, etc)

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great if there were different ways to sort the collection in the mobile app. Especially alphabetically.

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 When will Pandora start listening to their users and  provide features update to the app?

I have not seen a feature update to the app forever!

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Request:  any sorting/filter option for your playlist, or any playlists?   Looks like this has been a long overdue request, yet, no response from the blog or pandora.
issues - duplicate songs added to your playlist; 
issues - duplicate songs shared on your multiple playlist, would like to know which playlists you've added your songs to and have the option to leave it or remove it from your multiple playlists (ie, by artist, by year, by album, by song, by genre)
another Request:  could you blend your songs to avoid the quiet transition of the songs?  another product allows this blending, i think its awesome.

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I need to be able to sort playlists!

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Pleased, please, please add this sorting feature!


How many years are going to go by before you implement this basic feature?!?!?

I have a playlist that's now hit the max of 5000 songs but I bet a third of them are duplicates. I'd love to nuke the dupes. I'd also love to have this arbitrary playlist limit removed.


On the Rise

Don't hold your breath mate,  I've been waiting for a sorting feature for many years now.   

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Yep. I read the same complaint from many users. It is hard to understand how Pandora does not resolve this real shortcoming.

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Truly sorting is a despearately needed feature .... PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE. I switchedi back to a PLUS subscription because PREMIUM lacked basic features such as sorting, as well as the option to add stations to categories, as well as playlists.

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This is such an amazingly simple thing to do, why is it not already in the app???

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Sorting has been a recommended feature for years! When will this be added? Clicking and dragging is not a realistic solution for playlists of more than a few songs.