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Ideas: More sorting options for Premium (playlists, stations, albums, etc)

Ideas: More sorting options for Premium (playlists, stations, albums, etc)

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great if there were different ways to sort the collection in the mobile app. Especially alphabetically.

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There is also a queue problem. When you are listening to a station and put a song in queue the qued song won't play. The que feature only seems to work when you play songs by thenselves or in a playlist, but never works when you listen to a station which is annoying. Spotify lets you que a song when you listen to station come on Pandora.

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Your competition has you beat:  spotify allows sorting. 

This is the only process that truly is necessary for a functional music-playing app.

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I'd like to be able to filter or sort my collection by genre. It's difficult for me to remember every artist's genre, so it's hard for me to find music that I've collected and haven't listened to for a long time.

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Please develop an option to alphabetize songs within a playlist! It would be very useful.  Thank you, enjoy your day.

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Exactly. Why can’t we have this simple option!
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The reason we can't have any of the legitimate sorting options that have
been suggested over countless years through this forum appears to be due to
the fact that the
owners and software staff at Pandora simply don't care about listening to
customer input At the very least it is ridiculous that songs in a
particular playlist cannot be sorted alphabetically,
The only solution is to simply not renew one's subscription when the time
comes and sign up for Spotify, which has some of the additional sorting
options that have been fruitlessly requested of Pandora.
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Well said, I'll drink to that !!

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I agree the sorting options are not the best shouldn't be hard to add an option to change the arrangement of ur library besides only be able to sort them by stations playlist songs albums and artists why not add alphabetical or dates added

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Five years later, and no progress on this.  Shameful.

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And yet we're still here...

I bet someone on this thread would be willing to fix this feature. Clearly they are not monitoring this or don't have the staff. 

I'm not a big Twitter/X user, but if someone is willing to post this thread and link it to Pandora over there, we might get their attention.