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Ideas: Notification for duplicate songs within playlists on web

Ideas: Notification for duplicate songs within playlists on web

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I sometimes forget that I have a song already in a playlist and when I add a song already in my playlist it will duplicate it and not let me know its already in a specific  playlist I am choosing to add it.

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please this would be a game changer

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Let's get some traction on this issue....  Would love to have it.


This is addressed to the Pandora developers. I am Pandora Premium. 1. I've had a problem with Playlists duplicating songs on their own without me doing anything. Example will go from 48 to 96 by duplicating every song on the Playlist on it's own. Then I have to delete each dupe manually because no easy way to delete en masse. Could be clearer on indicating which songs are already on the Playlist in case I do try to add it again it should advise me it's a dupe 2. I also mostly listen to Pandora on my home theater system through Xfinity which I guess you call Pandora Radio. Surprisingly different functionality to what I can do on my desktop at where only the Playlists I create display. On Xfinity there are the Playlists I created plus about 15 others that the system created (not me) with no way to delete them. You also can't add songs to Playlists on Xfinity which is really annoying as I have to write them down on a piece of paper so I can action them later on These fixes would help a lot. Thanks

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Add my vote. I look forward to seeing this much needed improvement.  


Maybe an ability to sort the playlist alphabetically, song or artist or even album. That would help to detect duplicates, especially songs existing in multiple albums

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I agree this feature really is lacking. I am coming over from spotify since I want a better music service to use with apple homepod (spotify still not avail). But, this is a simple feature spotify has that makes it way better for playlist creation. If you add a song that's already there, it asks you if you want to skip or add it again.


I agree.  If nothing else, display a warning. 

This song already exists, would you like to add anyway?
Yes....Just add it.
No....Cancel the request.

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I'm so annoyed that Pandora doesn't warn me that I'm "Adding a Duplicate to a Playlist" that I've seriously considered canceling my paid account. The only reason I haven't is the time I've invested in curating my music here. Even "free versions" of your competition have this feature!!  C'mon!!

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On my IOS device if I try to add a ain’t to my playlist it will tell me if I already have it. It doesn’t do that on my Windows 10. It would be great if it did. 

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Why isn't Pandora updating their app? These are obvious features!