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Ideas: Option to block all clean or explicit content

Ideas: Option to block all clean or explicit content

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora currently includes an option to filter out explicit content, and only play Clean or Radio Edit versions of songs.

I would like to request the opposite option, namely: Filter Clean Content.

In a way similar to the "Filter Explicit Content" option, this option would only play songs that have their un-edited, explicit content.

As an informed, consenting adult, I would prefer to listen to the "Dirty" versions of songs. As I dislike the "Clean" versions of these songs, I would prefer to not hear them. Currently the only way to do that is to thumb the song down, which just removes it and all versions of it from my shuffle or playlist.


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I would like to never hear censored music, I mostly listen to rap and it is a huge vibe killer.



Similar to the Explicit Content filter, add a setting to filter out songs that have been Censored to bypass the explicit filter. There are two groups of people that will greatly appreciate this setting.

1. People who do not want explicit songs AT ALL. Because many explicit songs are poorly censored, or even if they're done well, the content of the lyrics are still offensive even without the "curse words" included.

2. People who want explicit songs in their original form, and are disgusted at the censored versions.

A good example of a song that is poorly censored and would upset both of these groups is LMFAO - Shots (ft. Lil Jon)

If you ain't gettin drunk - get the fwhats out the club
If you ain't takin shots - get the fwhats out the club
If you ain't come to party - get the fwhats out the club

Are you kidding? There's plenty more in that song alone, but "fwhats" is stupid even in text form.


When listening to tracks recorded as "Explicit" and a "Clean" version is played the song overtracks the "bad words" or blanks them out disturbing the quality of the song. I would like to remove "Clean" versions of songs from playing on my station. How to do this, or add this feature (I am old enough to listen to "bad words").

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After a couple of years, multiple postings on countless pages of comments and pandora still hasn’t figured this out. I’m moving to a competitor as this situation here is not getting any better. Every song from one of my favorite artists has been censored recently, (along with a few other artists) and I mean every song. It has completely ruined the listening experience, which is a bummer cause I listen to music for hours while welding at work. 

I know it really annoys me but make a playlist so you don’t have to have
edited **ahem**

Really I don't know why this is so hard for everyone to comprehend this kind of moronic thing can already be accomplished all you have to do is create a station and then every song that you put in as a seed would have radio edit after it cuz swearing doesn't occur on the radio I mean really people did you not honestly think of that first

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@-_-1 you might be focused on accomplishing only one of two things.  Your approach makes a clean station, that's cool.  But many of us want to have stations without radio edits.  The issue is that a thumbs-down on a radio edit also causes a thumbs-down on the explicit version, which removes it from the station entirely, which is not the intended effect.  

The easiest approach for Pandora would be to add options to the thumbs-down so you could rid yourself of the song entirely, as with current behavior, or your could thumbs-down just the artist (in the case of someone covering a great song and ruining it), or you could thumbs-down the version (such as extended or radio edit or live versions, just in case you don't always want the extended live version of Sultans of Swing, for example).

Especially with hip-hop and rap, clean versions just destroy the original.  And while I don't want my kids hearing most (/any) of that, just yet, when I'm alone in my office I like to hear dirty, dirty south as it was intended.


Not if you seed the explicit version again not that complicated


Seething something solves everything if you don't want to ban an artist from a station see the song to the station doesn't matter what song because then no matter how many times you thumb down a song from that artist because that song is seated it will not kick the artist off the station and that's just one of the things seeds can accomplish