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Ideas: Option to create accounts for children with parental controls

Ideas: Option to create accounts for children with parental controls

Status: Open Ideas

So are we avoiding the responsibility of this or am I just missing the posts...

So we are clear I can't create a minor's account under my account without changing everything for myself.  It appears to be all or none.

So is the only way (which is hardly protected or age appropriate) that would require Pandora to do more than just blast music by artist but garner the ratings overall and classify the account according to that?

If there is a way please share.  I need it as there IS music that is not trash out there. 


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OK, listen, this just has to happen.

You can keep your 13+ or whatever requirement for creating regular accounts. But allow the primary ”Family” Plan account holder to create child accounts from =within= their profile, and allow them to manage what each of the child accounts can listen to. In my case, I would restrict my granddaughter to the various KIDZ Bob and similar stations, and adjust as they get older. This is not some radical idea, Spotify, many social media and other family plans have done this for years (incl. Apple and Microsoft). 

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So... is Pandora's position on this to just give the middle finger to families?  This request has been up for 5 years.  Pandora offers a "Premium Family" plan but excludes families with children.  I've been listening to Pandora since 2007 and became a premium subscriber when you rolled out your Military plans, I just upgraded to the Family plan so that the rest of the household could listen, only to learn that family plans are not for "families" in the traditional sense.  Whiskey? Tango? Foxtrot?

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I will be changing to another service unless we are able to do this.  The whole reason we used the family plan was for my younger children.