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Ideas: Pandora app for Garmin

Ideas: Pandora app for Garmin

Status: Open Ideas

Is there a plan to develop an app for Garmin devices?  There is a significant number of runners that would want this support.



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Yes please add this feature, Deezer and Spotify have the app. 

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I have been paying for pandora premium for years. And due to the fact they are not creating an option to move offline/download playlists to Garmin is a deal breaker for me. I am most likely canceling my subscription since there are several options that support this. Thousands of threads complaining and asking and still Pandora does nothing years later.

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Now that you've been dropped by Fitbit now is the perfect time to move over to Garmin. Come on Pandora you can do it!

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Just purchased a Garmin watch due to Google dropping music support for Fitbit. I loved having the pandora app on my wrist and was happy to pay. For now I need to settle for another service that does not have my years of fine tuning to the songs I enjoy.  😞

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Its time to get this working.



-8 year premium subscriber.

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Another upvote for this feature. Hey Pandora Support, how about a response? It would take less than a minute to at least give us an update on where it is in the queue of feature requests. It's not like this is a NEW feature request. If it hasn't been upvoted enough, fine. However, a little transparency would go a long way.

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cmon Pandora!     We need you to get it together so we can run/etc using a watch rather than an entire phone strapped to our arm.    i pay for my kids spotify already, so going from pandora to spotify isnt tough and recreating 10 or so stations is easy too.


AND  can you add into your algorithm 'beats per minute'?

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100% needs to be on Garmin

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I would subscribe to the $5 a month plan if this feature was implemented, and would love to use this feature.

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+1 please develop an app for Garmin watches. Something simple would suffice - just enable playing saved stations.