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Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Status: Open Ideas

Can we please get a wrapped feature like spotify? Such a cool feature almost makes it worth making the switch

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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Local Performer

Every day i feel a stronger pull to use a different streaming service.

Im not saying this is the last straw, but i am saying it's certainly a push away from Pandora.

Local Performer

Please bring this back! I also loved the new music you may have missed this year playlist. I found some of my favorite artists from that list last year. I've been looking forward to it since. Pandora even took away playback playlists from previous years. Why?

Local Performer

yikes, this **ahem**! I, too, am cancelling my premium membership and hopping on the train to join Spotify. Bummed to leave over 10 years of music records behind, especially knowing Pandora is a local Bay Area company. I've been really reluctant to join Spotify.  Seems silly to scrap a feature that so many users loved. Poor business move, Pandora 😞

Local Performer

What's super lame is that this feature existed a year ago and is yanked without explanation, someone creates this thread here, and Pandora moderator is all "hey great idea I support doing something like this!" As though they never did a year in review at all and yanked without explaination and gosh corporate America can seem soo amazingly out of touch sometimes. Please bring back this feature so I can brag to my friends about listening to built to spill more than anyone else on planet. Thanks.

Local Performer

Why does this even have to be a feature request? It was a feature previously provided then removed, yet here we are requesting it again.  I love Pandora's discovery algorithm (main reason I've stuck around all these years), but the lack of features over the years is extremely disappointing.  

Local Performer

I kept looking and kept looking for the recap and I'm very disappointed in there not being one. Spotify has a bunch of fun interactive stuff, for the same price.... maybe it's time to switch. 

Local Performer

Yeah, was enough to make me go ahead and cancel too.

Local Performer

I've held strong since 2006 and stayed with Pandora cause I loved it and it was reliable. Now with this being taken from us, this is the first time I'm going to try Spotify. I'm so sad.

Local Performer

Can't believe you guys took away one of the few things this inferior app does correctly. Wish I could go back 10 years and tell myself to not use Pandora to begin with.


Local Performer

If they don't bring it back I'm going to the other streaming service I am so pissed off. I love my pandora playback so much.