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Ideas: Premium Features on Yamaha MusicCast

Ideas: Premium Features on Yamaha MusicCast

Status: Open Ideas

Hello everyone. I have a Pandora Premium Account and I love it. I listen on my iPhone and on Yamaha MusicCast devices. Of course, on my iPhone, I have playlists and can search and play any song that is available without relying solely on stations created from artists or songs. On MusicCast, however, I cannot access my playlists or play specific songs. Are there plans to make my playlists available on devices, such as Yamaha MusicCast? This would seem like an easy add to existing software. It may be an issue on Yamaha's side of the equation, but I think, although not 100% certain, that it is the same for all non-phone devices that have Pandora access. Searching for specific songs would be nice too, but accessing my playlists would be wonderful. Thanks in advance for your responses.


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I also am struggling with this lack of functionality after being a long time subscriber.  The sound quality via music cast is much better then connecting via Bluetooth.  Would be great to take advantage of that.