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Ideas: Premium/Plus on Apple TV

Ideas: Premium/Plus on Apple TV

Status: Open Ideas

As a Pandora Premium subscriber, it is really frustrating that your Apple TV app has such limited capabilities. I am unable to access playlists, individual songs, etc. 

I understand I can airplay from my phone, but that just does not work nearly as well as being able to play directly from the app.  

Would appreciate if you could add some of this basic functionality to your Apple TV app to be comparable with your competitors.


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I concur with this. I like pandora because im not boxed into a single platform like a few other services. But this seems like a missed opportunity to me. 


March of the year 2023 and Pandora Premium users are still not able to access their playlists via the AppleTV app.  Really?......

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Awesome app but can we get premium functionality on it? Would make a happy customer much much happier to have full features on apple tv!!! 🙂

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Could not agree more with the very sensible suggestions/recommendations posted here. Why I am unable to play an album on the  Pandora app on Apple TV is beyond me. This should be a simple arrangement. It would seem that between a company like Apple, with all the high IQ individuals that exist there, and Pandora, still one of the most popular music services, they should be able to figure this out.  Amazon Music provides this feature. Again, Amazon Music...

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Its ridiculous that the playlists can not be seen via this device.  As long and as popular as apple devices have been, to implement a half baked solution of allowing searches that are generally not inclusive and entirely omitting a user's playlists is an example of how to do an extremely thoughtless implementation.  Instead of being treated as an additional function, this should be considered bad design and addressed now and not at some future indeterminate time.  Frankly I have enough trouble with other providers of services not being customer oriented; I don't need to add another one.

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Yeah it’s trash. The User interface is atrocious and it’s like the developers are stuck on Commodore 64 quality


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