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Ideas: SiriusXM and Pandora Combined Subscription

Ideas: SiriusXM and Pandora Combined Subscription

Status: Open Ideas

I think that it would be great if listeners were offered a special deal including subscriptions to both of these services.  I listen to Sirius XM in my car when it is available for free.  And I listen to free Pandora music the rest of the time.  If an offer combining both Sirius XM and commercial free Pandora for a reasonable price came along, it would be worth paying for.


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Streaming XM or Pandora branded channels should be included for at least the Premium plan similar to what IHeart offers at the free tier. 

I understand that I can chose the Classic Rock or 90s Alternative 90s channel to hear that music but sometimes I want a radio station format instead of a playlist. IHeart and TuneIn has a good selection of those channels. 

The reason I don't sub to SXM is because I don't care for streaming sports or Stern. I much prefer a service that is musically focused. 

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As a household that is a paid subscriber to both Pandora and SXM, I am all for a seamless, integrated service for one price. 

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I also support this