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Ideas: Sound balancing & more volume settings

Ideas: Sound balancing & more volume settings

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Status: Open Ideas

Not sure where to post this but it would be a suggestion, but is there a way that a feature can be implemented where music output can be balanced to a similar sound level? Mainly with older music will be quieter then the remastered version due to how it was recorded.

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Local Performer

If I have a car wreck adjusting the volume between station changes, will Pandora help with the repairs?

Local Performer

Volume leveling would be the single biggest improvement Pandora could make.

Local Performer

Radio stations can automatically adjust output levels (for decades?) Ads are still louder.    Spotify and others seem to be able to do this. But why can't Pandora?


Try this example: Play anything from Motley Crue and then anything from Ratt, then got back to anything from Def Leppard. You'll hear the huge sound difference, and on my Bose, my neighbors do too. I brought this up when Pandora first came out. And nothings changed.


I just wanted to bring this up one last time. Before I make up my mind to stay or leave.