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Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora > Spotify!

Please create a native app for the Samsung Galaxy watches!

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We are being pushed to Spotify, until you give us android watch users some much needed love 

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Just bought a smartwatch and assumed Pandora had an app for Wear OS and was thinking it was going to be one of my favorite features.

Pandora-- Make a Wear OS app!

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Got a new pixel watch today and my only disappointment was my missing Pandora app. This needs to somehow be added!!! 

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Just got a Pixel Watch and I'm incredibly disappointed it doesn't have Pandora. Please bring it on WearOS!

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Needed for pixel watch!!  Long time subscriber...but...

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  • Yeah i dont understand what happened but I've been paying for pandora for like 8 years lol and i literally downloaded pandora onto my samsung galaxy watch 4 a few month's back and i was able to launch/listen/everything directly from my watch. It was its own app (stand-alone) i just realized that it is now un-installed from my watch nor does it appear in the play store anymore? Anyone else have this happen?? Super confused lol😅🫠🙃🤷‍♂️
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Very happy with Pandora on Fitbit Sense, but Wi-fi & music apps removed by Google from Sense 2 😞

So moving to Samsung Watch 5 (running Wear OS), but no Pandora app! Please add one ASAP 🙂 Thx.

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Dear are totally missing the bus by not adding functionality for Galaxy Watchs to utilize a standalone Pandora app on the phone.  Are you willing to lose a lot of loyal customers?


This is infuriating! Android and samsung watches have been a thing for years! Why does apple watch get pandora and android doesnt!!

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   We would love an Pandora app for the galaxy watch 5, Please!!! I love the idea of listening to pandora while working out at the gym without my phone being present. I've been a loyal Pandora member since the very beginning. I pay for all the great benefits of Pandora because Pandora has continue to deliver and exceeds  my expectations. It pains me to think I'll have to set up a Spotify account to enjoy the full potential of my new Galaxy Watch 5. So please devolope a Pandora app for smart watches.