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Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora > Spotify!

Please create a native app for the Samsung Galaxy watches!

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Local Performer

I'm also thinking about switching to spotify because Pandora is not available on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Local Performer

Yes this is an absolute need..

But I doubt pandora will do an f'n thing... You still can't even tell google home to shuffle pandora on a device!

Been with Pandora Plus for over 10 years and there has been hardly any new features or device support in that time.. I think it's time to cancel and shell out a few extra bucks for a better service like Tidal 

Local Performer

PLEASE make this available! This would encourage me to use Pandora SO much more and possibly pay for premium! Offline mode would be super helpful for times when I want to go on a run without my phone but want to listen to music!

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This. I need this. 2020 needs this. You need this. 

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I have switched to spotify and took 3 other accounts with me because of no standalone app for Galaxy watches. Very disappointing. When will this be available?

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I keep looking in the Samsung Galaxy store hoping that there is an app that will let me toggle whether I control Pandora from my phone or my Gear Fit 2 as I dont always have my phone on me when I'm using a Bluetooth speaker & working on stuff. Still sad to see it hasn't happened yet.

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yep, I'm with these folks.  Pandora for over 10 years and about to dump it because I want it on my galaxy watch as a stand alone. 

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Agreed just bought a active 2 and don't like spotify, I would much rather use Pandora. Please make an app to play on the watch.

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@Casual Fan: Sure, a stand alone app would be great. But, I would even be happy with remote control widget that only works when I'm near my phone.

Local Performer

Make Pandora stand alone app for galaxy active watches