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Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora > Spotify!

Please create a native app for the Samsung Galaxy watches!

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I tried Spotify. I hate it. Please make an app for the watch.

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I love Samsung and I love Pandora. I have been using a fit bit so I can use my Pandora account but want to upgrade. So now I have to choose, Pandora (which I have had since the start and have a paid subscription) or Samsung, I can't have both. But why? It's ridiculous! Well I chose Samsung and it is very unlikely I will keep my paid family subscription because I can't use it through my watch all day. This is extremely disappointing, especially because so many customers have requested it and nothing has happened. Make an app for Samsung! 

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Would like to have a an onboard Pandora app on my galaxy watched instead of Spotify. Pandora has more variety and features over Spotify, please give the galaxy watch owners this functionality!

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Yes! This needs to happen. Please don't make me switch to Spotify

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Please... I don't want a Spotify account. 

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Why on earth do you not have an app for the Samsung Watch 3.  The idea is to be able to leave the phone home and have music with you.  Not wear the watch and carry the phone so one can use Pandora!

Will this ever happen?


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I doubt they'll add capability until next gen Samsung watches have WearOS instead of Tizen. Seriously, isn't there a temp intern floating around the office that could knock this out on their lunch break?

Asking for me and a bunch of friends.

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Be able to play Pandora on my Samsung watch without my phone

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We need an app for pandora to run on the galaxy 3 watch.  I was told I could and cant find the app in the app store. I got this watch to use in the gym and I dont want to down load music. 

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Music while you exercise is a pretty big thing. You are missing a market. I've been here since beta but may leave because I mostly listen to music while working out or running.