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Ideas: Standalone for WearOS devices

Ideas: Standalone for WearOS devices

Status: Open Ideas

I'd like to be able to stream pandora from my watch, rather than my phone, at times. I've noticed that spotify has a watch app that supports this; but I can't find one for pandora

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I agree, bring Pandora back to Wear OS!

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Please bring back the stand alone app for the wear OS, specifically the pixel watch. I do not want to switch to Spotify or YouTube music, but they both allow me to use my watch only for music during runs and workouts. 

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Pandora for streaming via Galaxy watch with LTE is my dream. Putting Pandora back on WearOS play store would be such an upgrade to my fitness routines and daily life!

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Seriously. It's crazy this is not available. Absolutely necessary as a standalone wearable app. Please! This will literally make me seek out other music apps, even though I've loved Pandora for years. 

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The competition has it, i wish Pandora did.  It would be great not to have to carry my phone on runs. 

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Please add support for this - I have used Pandora for years and years and I would rather not have to switch to YouTube music or Spotify 

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I agree. I got the LTE watch so I could run without carrying my phone, but without a Pandora app I have to bring the phone anyway.
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This is a deal breaker for me.

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I just purchased the new Google Pixel 2 Watch and didn't realize that Pandora doesn't support an app for it (WearOS). I've been a happy Pandora customer for over 15 years but now I'll have to join other music platforms that support WearOS in order to use my watch. Please bring this Pandora app back! 

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I'm going to echo lizagrrrl post, I'm in the exact same position and as a premium subscriber I would like to see this.