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Ideas: Standalone for WearOS devices

Ideas: Standalone for WearOS devices

Status: Open Ideas

I'd like to be able to stream pandora from my watch, rather than my phone, at times. I've noticed that spotify has a watch app that supports this; but I can't find one for pandora

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This definitely needs implemented!  I am likely going to have to switch to Spotify because of the lack of a Wear OS app for Pandora.  I hate to abandon all the playlists and stations I've created in Pandora, but being able to leave my phone behind when I go for a run is something I really want to be able to do, and with Pandora it's just not possible!

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I miss Pandora, but I unsubscribed my premium account and stopped using the app because of the inability to use the service on my smart watch. Any update on this? I'd really like to come back - I find Spotify to be an inferior app, but it's my only real option for the smart watch.