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Ideas: Stop automatic station adds when playing them for the first time

Ideas: Stop automatic station adds when playing them for the first time

Status: Open Ideas

I've recently come back to Pandora have been loving all the new features that have been added since I last used it.  However, one thing I'm finding that's a bit annoying is that every single thing I've searched for and played gets saved to My Collection.  I would prefer to be able to decide what goes in there so as to avoid it getting junked up unnecessarily with music I may have just listened to once and didn't like or radios that are a similar genre.  I realize I can remove them from my collection, but I don't want to have to do that all the time.  Is there anything I can do stop having everything automatically added?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Agree, a very frustrating experience. I want the stations I saved. Now I have to search trough tons of stations I don't want to find the ones I wanted. Why am I paying premium if I can't control my onw collection. And, yes, having to click on the ... and delete on by one, only to have new unwanted stations pop up, is unacceptable.


Love everything else about Pandora and the algorithm, but this needs to be stopped. 


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upvoted!! It's frustrating to say the least that any dumb request by house guests through our Alexas are added to my premium account's collection. Why is there no selection in the settings of which sources are allowed to add to a collection? you could even make this specific for higher paying subscribers. I would imagine that this should be a fairly simple feature.

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Adding my voice to this.  Just because Alexa can't understand "Play my X Station for Pandora" doesn't mean I should get "X Radio" (which is never what I want, anyway) added to my Collection.


We are in 2023 and the last Open Idea that has been closed was in 2020! As it is there are 400+ Open Ideas and only 18 Closed? This has been listed by the few people who actually use this community feature as one of the most important feature updates. Why has no one from Pandora addressed this??? 

You are losing subscribers! Please fix this!

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I would love to see a setting where I can keep new stations from being created from Alexa requests. I have to delete so many stations every week because my daughter is requesting a song on Alexa.

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I just spent the last 26 days of the school year doing a new letter everyday with my daughter. Had tons of fun. Now I have 65 new additions to my collection that need to be deleted. Pretty disappointed that this never pushed forward as a feature. 


This is more than annoying. I continually have to delete stations my kids add to my Pandora account by telling our Alexa devices to play music. I am currently deleting over 100 stations that were added by Pandora to my collection. Furthermore, the process isn’t even as easy as swiping to delete. You could at least make that easier, if nothing else. There really needs to be an option to turn off that feature. I can’t find MY stations on my car list because Pandora is adding all these stations. 

Pandora continues to disappoint. As a paid subscriber, a complaint I had added to this forum years ago still haven’t been fixed. I still stand behind my statement that this forum is Pandora’s way of hiding customer’s complaints without having to actively updating their system to be more user friendly.

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1. What is the progress on implementing this idea?

2. My Collection should be named My History since I did not add these to my list. Like many others, I have hundreds of items in My Collection that I did not know were being added and so I do not know what stations I liked and which should be deleted.

3. At this point, I will need to create two accounts, one for searching/playing new stations and one that I only play stations that I know that I like, that I found using my first account.

4. In the app's current state, the automatic adding of stations to My Collection is akin to automatically subscribing to every website you've ever visited and then having to unsubscribe to thousands of websites that you do not want email from.


The work around I've just setup & will see how it goes is to create a different Pandora account for my kids use with their Echo Dot.  The idea is to allow Alexa to still use Pandora & bar it from the account I care about from getting nuisance stations created & from muddling up my stations list.  

(I did this all on my mobile.)  This involves disconnecting the Pandora link (I did this in my Alexa app).  I then had to log out of Pandora & back in with my new account.  Then, back in the Alexa app, relink Pandora.  This should link it to the new account.  Then you'll want to go back & log out again & relog in with your preferred account.

Hopefully, the mess is then contained in the new account that you'll never look at anyways.

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Seriously, I'm paying for premium, and I have constantly go in and remove these. So annoying. Do spotify, google, and youtube do this. It's My Collection that should only be my liked and collected content not pandora's collection.

I'm tired of this.