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Ideas: Stop automatic station adds when playing them for the first time

Ideas: Stop automatic station adds when playing them for the first time

Status: Open Ideas

I've recently come back to Pandora have been loving all the new features that have been added since I last used it.  However, one thing I'm finding that's a bit annoying is that every single thing I've searched for and played gets saved to My Collection.  I would prefer to be able to decide what goes in there so as to avoid it getting junked up unnecessarily with music I may have just listened to once and didn't like or radios that are a similar genre.  I realize I can remove them from my collection, but I don't want to have to do that all the time.  Is there anything I can do stop having everything automatically added?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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this **ahem**.  I should be able stop this.

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Well, looks like I won't be keeping my Premium membership. How stupid that you can't be in control of what you want to save while exploring new music: the purpose of a music app. 

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How do I contact a person!? Stop restricting the playlist I can add to or putting playlist I don’t want on my account or I will cancel 

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I do not want Pandora to play music not included in my station.

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I agree! Plus when I’m browsing stations looking for one I want to keep, afterwards have to go and remove all the ones I didn’t want saved. 

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Agreed. I’m disappointed to see this is not an option. I’m paying for pandora premium and it’s taking me so much longer and so many more clicks to get to what I want. I accidentally select a “thumbs up playlist” that was automatically created instead of the station I actually created. I’m disappointed that this has not been resolved in the two years since this post.

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Has there been any movement on this? I stopped using Pandora because this is so annoying, but was hoping to come back.

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I am cancelling my subscription due to this nuisance.  I find it in appropriate when I come to work and suddenly find my shuffle filled with artist that are NSFW.   Let me know when this is corrected and I will consider returning. 


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I've subscribed to Pandora for years, and this is the single biggest gripe I have with your service.  Loretta Lynn just passed away.  I decided to listen to a few or her songs as a memorial to one of the country greats.  I didn't want to create a station that resides in my collection forevermore, or until I finally get around to deleting it.  This scenario has played itself out time and again the entire time I've subscribed and does nothing but create clutter and frustration when trying to organize our music collections.  You have an awesome service but this is an easy fix that has been requested by your listener community for years.  Please...give us the option to decide whether we want to collect something or not.  


Agreed. I go through periods where I'm starting lots of new statins to see what kind of music selection I'll get, but often never return to some (or many) of of those stations, so there's no reason to have them in my collection.

I'm sure that others like the auto-add feature, but it seems like it would be easy enough to make an "auto-add station to collection" a selectable option in settings, and if toggled off, provide the "add this station to my collection" button while listening.