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Ideas: Switching from offline back to online

Ideas: Switching from offline back to online

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Status: Open Ideas

When Pandora switches from offline mode (when losing reception) back to live stations, I would like it to go back to the station I was listening to before I lost reception (instead of playing the station it selected for offline listening)

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for your idea, @Rhin0!

Local Performer
Your welcome! Thinking it a bit through, maybe shade the playlist(s) the song is on...
Diamond in the Rough

I would like this as well.

Local Performer

As someone who uses Pandora as my radio in a car without Android Auto (yes, some are still on the road), I have to be able to do everything hands-free. When I get switched to offline mode, I am no longer listening to the station I logged into and I cannot safely press all the buttons necessary to return to online mode. I shouldn't have to. The app switched to offline only because of a loss of signal (common when driving but not usually long-lasting). At the end of the song, if signal strength has returned, the app should automatically take me back to where I wanted to be.

This would make my drive so much more enjoyable.

Many thanks