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Ideas: Switching playback between devices and resuming from one to another

Ideas: Switching playback between devices and resuming from one to another

Status: Open Ideas

If i am listneing to a song on my phone in my car i want to be able to log on to my PC  and be albe to finsh that same song on my PC instead of have to start a new song and vice versa. I am listneing to song on my PC and i have to leave I want to be able to open the app on my phone and pick up that song were I left off on my PC


Being abel to see what deives i am listeing on. being able to  us any device to control what i am listen to

example.  I use a Tablet to stream music when i am at out a parties. Due to the steaming service i use i can control the music that is coming from my tablet from my phone. 

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Absolutely! Spotify has this feature and I love it. I hope it comes to pandora.


Ability to play Pandora at home through my pc/stereo system but be able to pause, skip songs, change stations, through my phone. If I used Bluetooth from my phone other sounds from my phone (notifications, calls, games) would also be coming through the speakers.

Be able to then throw my headphones on and leave home but bring the music with me, right where I left off.

Or jump in car and continue that great song...

And back home again.



Yes I would love to be able to control my PC with my phone, etc.

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I'm assuming this has been brought up before as it's a great ability of the competition.

I listen to music in various places in my house. I have a Nest Mini in my bedroom, Nest Audio in my Kitchen and of course my phone and computers.

I would like to be able to have it playing, for example from my Nest Mini and then go to the kitchen and say "Resume Pandora" where it will continue playing from the same spot the Mini was at in the song.

Same goes for say coming home and having it playing on my phone, I would like to have my Nest Audio "Resume" where my phone was playing.

If I have it playing on the Nest Audio, I would like to open my laptop Pandora App and see that the song is playing (but on the Nest Audio) and "Resume" from the Nest Audio, on to my Laptop.

If I try to play it presently, I get the cheerful message that someone is already playing Pandora on another device.

I'd rather just be able to bop around from different devices as I'm the only one using it.



Yes, Spotify has this feature and almost made me stay with Spotify because of it. One other annoying, but related, issue is if I forget to stop streaming in my office and try to play Pandora in my car, I constantly get the "Another device is playing" message. I know my computer put up a prompt to let them or let me listen, but Android Auto and the Android App offered no such prompt and so I keep getting the message. So yeah, a cleaner way to transfer to other devices needs to be implemented.

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It's 2024 and Pandor hasn't come up with a fix yet? Even Link to Windows or PhoneLink for Android can't overcome this issue???

C'mon AI! I thought you were the mighty mighty fix of the future! This Gen X'er might as well still wear my Sony walkman!! Ha Ha!