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Ideas: "Soft" Account Reset

Ideas: "Soft" Account Reset

Status: Open Ideas

I speculate that many of the problems I, and likely others experience would be able to be solved, or at the very least, mitigated by the option to do a "soft" account reset. A soft account reset, to me, would look like the ability to revert your account to the state it was in when first created (no stations, playlists, or anything music related really.) Though with the major exception of keeping your subscription intact.

Also, the ability to choose individual areas to reset, like playlists, stations, or songs wouldn't be a bad idea either, in my opinion. In addition, because of how much this action would change (your account), I also think it should require the user to type their password.

There is one, extraordinarily irritating issue I have that makes me request such a feature: When I want to reset a station, the logical steps I'd follow would be to delete the station, and the recreate it out of the same song(s). The Issue? Recreating the station out of the same song would add back the station, along with all the data I wanted removed! (As in thumbed up/down songs)

Pandora is my favorite music streaming service. I'm very indecisive and rely on stations to pick my music for me. I find other services just don't have "it" when it comes to stations. So right now I feel like I'm just settling for Pandora, rather than choosing it, because of the issue explained above (third paragraph).

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Can we see any movement on this? Having a messed up account is really a pain.

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I really hate the state my library is in. I just need a full reset at this point.

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I'm following- I also want to reset my account. I find it annoying that some bands are on literally every station, even when they don't belong there. For example, Imagine Dragons (who I like) keep popping up on my Ani DiFranco station. That should not happen, and it's irritating! 

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Local Performer

Thumbs can corrupt your listening experience by limiting the station list of songs it will play.  It's best to thumb down one's you don't like vs thumb up songs you do like.   It needs a reset thumbs option badly.   

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Another vote for soft reset.  I don't know what happened as I didn't a lot of press thumbs up or thumbsdown, but the station started play strange songs I've never heard before.  My wife asked, "what in the HExx are you listening to?"  I didn't mind the recent raise in price, but this has got me questioning my subscription???

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A soft reset would be great, my taste in music has greatly changed over the years and I dont want the old music associated with my account anymore. I want to actualy use the thumbs up station and playlist without worrying what will pop up next. I have a family plan and I need to keep my subscription otherwise I would just delete the account and restart.