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Local amber alerts: earthquake, tsunami warning, tornado warning

Local amber alerts: earthquake, tsunami warning, tornado warning

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hey what's up love Pandora just wanted to see if we can get some off these alerts possible over this app


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@7g I wouldn't like that. When listening to music I don't want to be disturbed by alerts. I listen to Pandora on my Kindle and keep all notifications turned off when I'm listening to music. Most people get such alerts I their phone anyway. No need to ruin Pandora with alerts.

@7g I agree with @UncleBud on this one, why ruin a good music app with these interrupting alerts. With all the technology we have, it just wouldn't make sense. 

Take care and stay safe.

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I agree NOAA and WEATHER CHANNEL alerts, for your zip code, should interrupt the music!  I listen to Pandora all day and all night every Saturday. Give myself a break from the media cycles. Anything could happen and I wouldn't receive any news of it, unless someone telephoned to tell me... I would hate for my first information on the extreme weather to come from my roof being ripped off.

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