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Log out other users on account

Log out other users on account

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Please add a functionality to forcefully log out other users on my account. I've noticed that resetting the password doesn't always do the trick and I'll continue to get the "someone else listening" message.

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I see this post is from 2019, and here it is 2021, early in the am, and I get this dang message. No one else in my family is even awake so it's obviously a hack or malfunction. Here I am having to click "let me listen" after every song. This is getting old. Is this function available yet or what? If so, how do we use it. I just upgraded to premium and am already having trouble. If this continues, I'll be re-evaluating my subscription before the 3 month trial is over. 


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I am so close to just getting Spotify. This constantly being interrupted honestly ruins the pandora experience

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If finally figured out my daughter was using my account across the state at her grandparents for the weekend. I had no idea she knew how to use an old phone that was turned off with the wifi and had my password. She had left it on over night thus why I couldn't listen at 5am when I got to work. It wasn't what I thought....however, it would still be nice to see what devices are connected so we could keep tabs and make sure only one person was using at a time like we are supposed to. When we have this message, we could at least tend to it ourselves. 

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Please, I keep getting this someone else is listing message. I am the only one listening on my Alexa device after 2-3 songs. This just started a couple of days ago.

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I would say as a Project Manager who uses JIRA, that this count of 1,000 is a pretty important feature and should be escalated.

Actually, it should have been a standard feature of Pandora and should not have to get rankings to get moved to the developmental side from a software development POV.

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Please log me off from all devices, someone else is using my account.

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I fully agree with this request.  Personally, I cant believe its not already implemented - especially considering how long pandora has been around.  

I would like to know the following information:
- the system that it is logged in
- the location/IP
- the last time it was logged in at.

Thank you.  

*When you receive this message chances are you have another device that is not signed out of Pandora, or you have some one else in your household that may be listening on your account at the same time you are from another device. This has been my experience when seeing this message. Take care and stay safe.


WACKED!  just get this feature prioritized and implemented.  i hate pandora because of this and killing my subscription and going back to Spotify.  so annoying as my curated stations are much better here due to my 20year use, but im over it.  all because every day... "someone else is listening to your account" and no one else is.  only me.. its a device I've casted to that cant seem to log out when i say, "stop casting"  so annoying and im so over it!  all because you cant implement a feature to allow users to log out of their devices.  if Pandora can do it, give users the permission to do it as well.  and i dont want support logging me out of my cell phone because it removes all my downloaded music and i have to start over 😞  another THUMBS DOWN.  UGH, implement this feature asap and I will return .  until its implemented, i have to go back to spotify and pay them.

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I run Pandora Premium on Windows PC's. On those devices you can mistakenly double click and open two instances of Pandora. You will get the SEIL error. That is understandable. That said, even with extreme caution to be sure Pandora is shut down or paused on one PC before starting it on another. I still get the SEIL error. It would be very helpful to know what or who the other device is that Pandora has detected. I have been working with tech support and they had me change my password. Makes sense but within minutes of starting Pandora with my brand new password I got the SEIL "Someone else is listening" error and it shut down. This must be a Pandora glitch as nobody could have gotten my new password within seconds. I pay a tidy price for Pandora premium and to be told I am trying to cheat the system is an absolute insult. Pandora, you have an awesome app but it needs to be fixed.