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Remember thumbs across stations

Remember thumbs across stations

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If possible it would be nice  if the songs I like would show as thumbed  on a different station if it happens to play. that way you don't get multiples of the same song

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Your Thumbing system is the most annoying, 1980s command prompt ridiculous thing I have experience on Pandora so far. And that is saying something. You make it easy the first time and impossible every time after that. Either put it on any song that is playing every single time or put it on the Thumbs page for every single song. 10 minutes for a decent coder. Why on earth is it so hard? Can you not take a hint from the one hundred and seventy posts about it? Don't give me some bot answer or re-explain the process you have now. Just fix it.

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Hi @splitcane - Welcome to the Feature Request board!

Thanks for posting your feedback. Can you please expand on your idea a bit more. Can you clarify if you would like thumbs to apply to all tracks across your account or you would like thumbs to be located in one spot in order to edit. It sounds like you have two separate ideas but wanted to check in with you. If you'd like to post both ideas, then please separate them into two requests.

You can edit your current idea by using the three dots on the upper right of your post to Edit Request.

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another request for Xarlon's idea!!!

Diamond in the Rough

Blast, again I want to delete a comment I've made not realizing I'd already commented on another page of this thread. This experience is crud on my phone. 😑

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