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Celebrating Global Beatles Day ๐ŸŽถ

June 25th is Global Beatles Day, all you need is love... and the Beatles!
All of your favorite Beatles songs are now available on Pandora. Enjoy the music of the Fab Four, from the early days in Liverpool to the game-changing โ€˜Sgt. Peppersโ€™ and โ€˜Abbey Roadโ€™ eras. Check out their A-Z Playlist below.
Pandora Stories: The Beatles' 'Abbey Road' With Famous Fans
It has been 50 years since the Beatles released 'Abbey Road.' In honor of the landmark albumโ€™s golden anniversary, weโ€™ve mined the archives of SiriusXMโ€™s Beatles Channel to assemble some of the music worldโ€™s biggest Beatles admirers to explain the genius of the music and the four bandmates who created it.
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I remember watching some of the interviews of the Beatles on t.v (After they were split up, and individual interviews.) I seen the crowd (Mainly women) just going absolutely stir crazy over this band. I never seen anything like it, not even with Elvis. I just thought it was strange that is all. I just felt like sharing that thought. Be safe all. 

P.S I do not like any songs by the Beatles. However, I do like songs that they have as individual music artist.