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Data Breakdown Questions - Pandora

Local Performer



I'm into data collection and I had some general questions about Pandora and how their streams or "spins" are accounted for and I thought this was the best way to get some questions answered:


Please be mindful that the only other platforms I understand are Spotify & Apple Music so I will reference them a lot.


1. What are the hours for the tracking period? For example Spotify considers the end of the track day to be 7pm EST - so what time does Pandora consider your spins for the "next day"

2. How are these streams reported to Billboard charts?

3. Is there an app that tracks your daily streams as a listener? Similar to Ren for Spotify?

4. Is there an app that allows for you host group listening parties - like Stationhead for Apple Music and Spotify?


That's all I have for now!

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