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Eat This Playlist: Songs about food


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All the songs on this playlist are about food, eating, digestion or cooking. Got the idea for the playlist after listening to Eddie Harris' funky jam about gluttony "That Is Why You're Overweight" and the T-Bones jingle "No Matter What Shape Your Stomach's In" written for an Alka-Seltzer commercial. The playlist spans many genres from Easy Listening to New Wave Punk, but somehow I feel like these tracks belong together. Sit down grab a fork and click the album art above to dig in.

What are your favorite tracks about food/eating? 

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There goes my diet. YUM YUM in the TUM TUM DUM DUM...


Local Performer

I'm all about those food-themed tunes! There's just something about music that revolves around food that hits different, you know? One track that always puts a smile on my face is "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson. It's like a warm hug in song form.

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