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I love 💕 to listen to music and arts and arts


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Good Thursday evening @Dakotalindsey26, so tell me, what is your favorite genre of music? Who are your favorite music artists? And what is your favorite decade and or decades for music? 

  My favorite genre is Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Folk Rock, Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Southern Rock, Easy Listening, Instrumental, Christian Contemporary, Gospel, Opera, Irish Folklore, Highlander Bagpipes, Country, Country-pop and some Reggae music. My favorite decades for music are the 1970's through here and now. 

    I also curate the GSOTD (Genre Songs Of The Day) (clean only) post and playlist. So if you have any favorites that you would like to see added just go to the GSOTD post and leave your request, I will also make mention of you for any request you have. If you do make any requests please be sure to tag me so I know you left a request. If you are not sure how to tag just press down on your @ key and a small box will appear, then just start typing my user name once you see it just click on it and it will be highlighted like this @Dakotalindsey26, it will also notify me that someone has mentioned my name in a post. I hope to see you around in the community, you take care and stay safe.