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Has pandora remained seasoned to who you are as far as musically

Local Performer

Pandora remains my favorite app for mood appropriateness lifestyle changes and personable plays of what I've been creating since I created my 1st profile years ago

 I feel no other music app is relevant sometimes and I feel pushed into moody feelings because it ends up with me thinking how did music end up with this **ahem** playing. 


Pandora works best to me by  listening to my shower thoughts and playing time , age and event relevant appropriate sounds and it has been the only app to show me what I liked and like now without pushing my first thumbs up to the bottom.  


It's so great if you let the permissions be that of having control of the device you play it on most. For example I was in the shower and my stepdaughter came in and it went from hard core rap to putting my girl to sleep on the Matt while I hummed Que Sera Sera...

I love music so much I'd give control to pandora so as long as pandora keeps delivering me from sh@tty music plays .

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@Rosaroo13 I agree, I love the fact you can create multiple playlists, you can create your own stations, you can listen offline. It is the best music app that fits my needs as well as my love, and taste in music. For me being self-employed I can listen offline at my job sites (home owner approved of course) the majority of homeowners approve of my music listening on the job. Take care and stay safe.