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Jo Klutch

Opening Act

Jo Klutch aka Joey Machuca, Puerto Rican Florida-based artist. Inspired by Juice world, started out recently making music from the depths of his soul, no regrets, For The Love Of Music. He writes and spits original, deeply personal lyrics that are relatable and honest. The belief in overcoming struggle and the haters is what drives him, and a deep passion for making music forever. A voice that stands out among the crowd with tear drops on the vocal and emotive power, he reaches parts of the human soul and psyche that we can all relate to on some level. An up an coming rising star in his own right, performing at coast-to-coast live in Orlando, Fl this year November 27th 2023 (ironically the same day as his birthday). It will be the start of something spectacular from this budding artist with much more to bring to the music industry. 

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