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My favorite songs of 2019... so far!

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Three years ago I woke up in a cold sweat and shouted into the night, "I can't keep listening to the same music from 1994 anymore! I just can't do it!". The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots have been carrying my music tastes for decades, and I love them for it but I needed to start challenging myself. So I've made it a habit to start creating a playlist ever year of every NEW song that catches my ear. I've found out a lot about myself. I don't need to be 90s alternative boy for the rest of my life. Sure, sometimes its great to hear new stuff from artists I've always loved (Bruce Springsteen's "Western Stars"... The Cranberries final album, "In the End"). But now there's a whole world of British rap I've been introduced to (Little Simz, slowthai), new punk and post punk (IDLES, Fontaines DC, Twighlight Sad), indie rock (Purple Mountians, Big Thief) and pure poppy goodness (Lizzo, Taylor Swift). 

Go on a journey with me through my ever evolving musical tastes and give my playlist a listen. I'm so open to hear suggestions for what I can add to it. 

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