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Samille Johnson's New Arrangement of "Think I'm Going Out of My Head"


Smooth Jazz Bassist Samille Johnson released a very interesting arrangement of the song                    "Think I'm Going Out of My Head" and he used a Piccolo Bass to play the melody.

This track features "Mr. Reginald Lee" on Piano from Dallas Ft. Worth Texas, and I must say this a very interesting arrangement.

I have heard a few arrangements of this song but this one is very interesting and would make a great addition to your playlist if you are into Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening etc.

Here is the link on Pandora,

I think I saw it on google for about a buck, pretty cheap but worth it.


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audioworks247 really great tune. I added it to my Jazz With Some Soul playlist...thanks again...take care and be safe..

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We will tell him. Out team has remote of his system.

Samille is a really cool guy, very humble and he will just smile either way.

Tell someone about it I'm sure it will make him giggle he always laughs at things others do not even notice. Just a really nice guy.

Thanks, A MILLION IS WHAT he'd most likely say.

John Richards,

Samille's Water Bottle Filler and Promotions Liaison.