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The Story of Narcocorridos


Pandora Stories: The Story of Narcocorridos

Dive into the underworld of drugs, guns, accordions, and tubas by looking at the rich history of this style of Mexican storytelling music. This Pandora Story attempts to introduce a genre through a sociological lens, exploring how a sub-genre emerges by looking at the history and the social conditions that the music developed under. Aimed at people who know little about the popular Narcocorrido genre, we provide social and historical context to make sense of a style that is full of contradictions and juxtapositions. Host Camilo Landau guides the listener through the genre in a conversation with The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal, who is hearing the songs for the first time. From the music’s historic origins to todays modern versions of the style, this Pandora Stories episode provides an overview for those who know little about Narcocorridos but are interested in exploring subcultures and finding out more about how subgenres develop.

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Diamond in the Rough

This is my favorite Pandora story so far - great work!